Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009- What is Life?

"The raindrops falling down express my feeling's on life,
sometimes very heavy, sometimes very light.
They never seem to come and they never seem to go,
but they are always there each day and every night.
Life is like a storm, sometimes very strong but
sometimes very calm.
Why do we have storms and why do we have life?"

I wrote this when I was 13. I was in Cedar Key sitting on the docks watching it rain on the ocean. Thinking back when I used to think about what life really is I used to get an uncomfortable feeling inside and I had to immediately stop the thoughts from chattering through my mind. I still wonder what it's really all about but I don't get that uncomfortable feeling anymore and I'm able to play the tape till the end now. I believe that somehow we go from being human to being a spirtitual entity full of joy and love and warm light. We are good in all ways like our creator. I still wonder though, is this it? Is life on earth all there is? It's so easy to let the reality of the thought crash in at times! In my heart I believe so much more, that's FAITH, the very definition in my world...........Peace & Love, Amy


  1. Yeah that's definitely faith. :)

    Love the poem. It say so much.

    I really hope we can meet up at Duke sometime. Not sure when I'll go back to see Dr. P. I do go quite often to see the nephrologists, but that's always on a Wed. Let me know when you are headed back.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment =D
    M's FEV1 was 2.05 which is super low for him =(
    But he seems to be doing well after that last round of iv's I feel sure his numbers would be up if we were to do them now =)
    He bounces from the high 60's to 98 % on all his other PFT's.

    Thanks so much for the open invite for ?'s
    Its often other Cfers have more answeres than ANY doctor could give you!!