Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 9,2009- Bittersweet Day

I experienced the most kind and compassionate deed a person can do. He is the most remarkable fellow in my life and I'm so lucky that he is my husband. Curious? Well I took my sister to work today and she noticed a dog laying on the side of the road. I hate to see that, it just breaks my heart. I told Roger about it and when we went to go to Lowe's he stopped to make sure the dog was dead. The people whose house the dog got hit in front of came out and asked if it was our dog, well no we said and he said he called animal control but they wouldn't come out till Mon. to pick her up. Roger didn't like that so went did our shopping and got home and unloaded and all of the sudden he came out of the house crying. He said he must go get that dog a give it a proper burial, he said it's the right thing to do! I started crying with him and we both went down and got her. Roger would not let me see her, she was apparently in bad shape. Roger wrapped in a warm old rob and put her in a box. The dog was a Black Lab around 100lbs (much like our Albee) so she wasn't small, she did have collar on but no ID. We brought her home and found a nice place to bury her and Roger sweated and groaned digging up that hole for this poor dog for about an hour. The box fit perfectly in the grave and he said a prayer and we were glad it wasn't laying on the side of the road anymore. Nothing deserves to die like that and be left alone. So many people went by that dog today and didn't think twice about checking on it. So sad. So for her, whatever your name is, RIP! Your new family is nearby and we love you without having known you. We treated you with respect and dignity as we try and do with everyone in our life.

Peace & Love,


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