Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010

Winter-the theme for this blog! Snow, it's peaceful and beautiful and the air is so fresh after a good snow and the pleasure I get from seeing the dogs play in it is so warming to the heart. A cozy fire and a hot chocolate on a snowy day with your honey, it lasts a moment but then it's gone and the reality of winter sets in. It's been a long winter! We had 46" of snow this winter, very unusual. Unless I'm visiting it I don't like living in the snow, I am a FL girl you know! One snow was 17" and I was stuck in the house for a week. I can't drive in the snow, again a FL girl. I have discovered my post transplant depression just gets worse after football and before spring which in my dictionary is winter. I love fall though, leaves changing, football starts and the days are cooler, that's the perfect time of the year and then spring when the world comes alive again. I like the beginning and I like the end. The point is I feel like that about life. I grow in the spring, bask in the summer sun and revel in the fall but winter, nothing! I feel nothing!! I know that as I celebrate another year post transplant (8 on March 13) that time is critical and all I want to do is grow and bake and revel all the time! I was actually feeling good until after I went to FL for a week but I'm sick now. I start IV's tomorrow and I'm short of breath which is very scary once again. My lung function is significantly lower too. I know I am living on borrowed time and still grateful and totally looking forward to sunny warmer days and when the world comes alive again I hope I will too!!

Peace & Love, Amy

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  1. Well, thankfully for you, summer is on it's way... I can feel it! I really hope these IV's work for you and you can get your lung function back to where it was!!! Thinking of you and praying that you feel better soon! Love ya!